Our Solutions

  • Website design,¬†development and content management
  • Social Media development and management
  • Website maintenance
  • WordPress and Joomla customization
  • Hosting
  • Graphic design and pre-print services such as flyers and brochures

We develop systems using two of the best know Content Management Systems (CMS) WordPress and Joomla.

Content Management Systems go beyond the regular realm of websites. They allow updates, changes and customization on an ongoing basis. Having a site that is updated keeps clients and patients interested, helps answer questions and frees up your staff and can also provide interesting information that your clients/patients will appreciate. Design and format changes and updates are usually done by the webmaster or designer and text and article changes some may be done by the client, their representative, or the webmaster. We offer training too!

We offer many different hosting options. We currently host many clients or use existing hosting accounts if it meets our criteria.