See the difference- New Heritage Vision Center site launches

Heritage Vision CenterIt’s been a pleasure to work with the awesome folks at Heritage Vision Center over the years. First as their media consultant and most recently on the new patient friendly web site we launched last week. Allyson, Dr Hackleman and the rest of the wonderful Heritage Vision Center team made the project a true labor of love.

We developed a responsive site that changes layout to best accommodate the device used whether smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. We added some visual components and filters that that lets patients see information visually in different ways. We have slide shows on the brand name eye wear with some of the latest fashion trends, and links and information for eye conditions and concerns, and much more! For patient peace of mind and security we added a secure encrypted layer on the entire site. Each step of the way we looked at the site from a patient viewpoint and adjusted accordingly.

I personally recommend Heritage Vision Center. Here’s how they helped me:

Years ago I was busy working long hours at Bell South  traveling between Austell/ Douglasville and Gwinnett county. I was working crazy hours and my eyes were watering and my contact lenses were falling out. While I was in Austell, I went to an optometrist twice and was basically told I needed to use re-wetting drops.

I was about to go on a ten day trip my eyes were still driving me nuts and I could not even read street signs. I stopped by to see a client in Snellville (Heritage Vision Center) who I was selling a new website to (through Bell South)  The doctor looked at my eyes immediately had me take my contact lenses out and let me know I had a case of severe ulcers on my eyes and prescribed medicine.

The Heritage team that day basically saved my vision. We developed a very close bond and I have stayed with them to this day.
Years later they helped my daughter, who would often contort and break her frames, by coming up with different solutions that helped her prevent breakages and allowed her to see clearly. 

The Heritage Vision Center is awesome on so many levels. I urge you to visit them and see how they can help you!